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Work-Based Learning

Here’s a good deal — earn school credit while working a job in your field of interest. 

Sign up for Work-Based Learning at GCTC, and we can help match you up with a local business partner for employment. By working a part-time job, a student can gain valuable experience and on-the-job training from a supervisor with additional skills provided by the class instructor. Complete 140 work hours to earn a whole credit, or 280 hours for two credits.

The program works best when it aligns with GCTC classes. A student who completes a program of study such as Carpentry, Health Sciences, or Automotive will benefit greatly from real-life work experience in that field. Let us help facilitate the path from school to workforce.

Work-Based Learning fulfills the College and Career Readiness requirement to graduate. Students need not be enrolled in a career and technical program to take this course.

Instructor: Gerald Simmons