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Educator Preparation 

Educator Preparation — formerly known as Teacher Academy — is a two-year program that prepares high school students to work as teachers, including training in a real classroom with elementary students. Instructor Michelle Downs brings more than 20 years of teaching experience to her students as she guides them through lessons in ethics, strategies and classroom practices. Students will develop a professional portfolio featuring work samples, experiences, and career plans related to the field.

The first-year class, Teacher Academy 1, is an entry-level course in which students learn teaching strategies and communication skills. Students design lesson plans and create learning materials before going into the classroom to observe teachers at work. 

The second-year class, Teacher Academy II,  gives students advanced skills needed to help them improve as learners, teachers, and communicators. Students receive advanced hands-on field experiences by going into first- and second-grade classrooms at Grenada Elementary School, where they assist teachers by helping children with their lessons.  

Instructor: Michelle Downs