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Come see our wood shop. If you can see what you want to build in that pile of lumber, we’ll give you the time, space, and tools to create it. 

We have a full array of power tools, from common saws and drills to more advanced professional equipment like a shaper, a planer, and a wood lathe. We even have a CNC router that can be programmed to cut a variety of materials, from wood to plastic to metal.

The two-year program combines classroom training with workshop practice.

Year one, Intro to Construction, teaches the fundamentals of building. We learn the basics in carpentry, electrical, masonry and plumbing, along with safety, tools, math, and blueprints reading. 

In year two, Carpentry, you’ll learn how to build a house. We start with the foundations then move on to framing walls, ceilings, and roofs — even the windows and doors. We end with one of the most challenging aspects of homebuilding, the staircase. 

We’re not just building bird houses here. We build practical items, like furniture, even structures around campus. By the time you finish here, you could be NCCER-certified with a card and a resume, ready to hit the job site or go back to school to earn an associate’s degree. Whether you want to specialize in one area of construction or you want to be the boss of the whole work site, the Carpentry program at GCTC will get you headed in the right direction.

Instructor: Lamar Pitcock