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GCTC offers welding instruction
GCTC Students Visit Mississippi State Hospital Museum
GCTC Museum Visit
GCTC Advisory Lunch
GCT Advisory Lunch

Welcome to Grenada Career and Technical

Get to work!

MYTH: Students who are ready to work but don’t want to attend college aren’t smart enough to attend. 

It simply means you know what you want to do. And guess what … there’s a more direct path to get what you want. You belong here with us at Grenada Career and Technical Center.  You’ll be doing hands-on work — building and repairing, healing and creating.

We use real-world tools to train for careers in health science, construction, hospitality, welding, auto repair, education and more. Our teachers have worked in these industries and bring hard-earned experience to share with you.

With our new industry-standard certifications, you could leave high school with professional credentials that make you an attractive candidate to employers. 

School News

GHS Internships Flourish this Spring

The internship program at Grenada High School continues to expand, granting students real-world work experience in their chosen career path as well as a generous hourly wage.

Tiffany Reed, Career Coach at GHS, has matched several seniors with local businesses that suit their interests. The experience is proving mutually beneficial for both students and businesses.

Several students are currently working in a variety of professional roles with internship positions at local businesses including the Carlos Moore Law Group, Psychosocial Solutions, and Horan Family Dental.

A trailer with colorful design that reads Grenada's Fab Lab

On Feb. 20, the district unveiled its new Mobile Fab Lab. The traveling STEM lab is the result of a collaboration of Grenada School District with the Grenada Public Education Foundation and local industry.

The eye-catching, 38-foot trailer and F-450 Ford towing pick-up, donated by Kirk Auto Group. Milwaukee Tool made a generous donation for state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and tools to make the rolling classroom a training ground for students and community members interested in joining the growing local workforce.

GHS Students Learning on the Job

GHS senior Quaniya Willis was the first student to start work at the University of Mississippi Medical Center - Grenada (UMMC) as part of a promising new internship program, facilitated by Three Rivers Planning & Development District by way of funding from AccelerateMS, the state’s workforce development partner. 

“Now we can say to our top students from the allied health program who are going into the medical field that they could possibly have a paid internship and get real-world experience in a hospital before graduating from high school,” said Tifany Reed, Career Coach at GHS. “These students are not just observing, they’re actually taking care of real patients.”

A baseball coach points off-frame as a high school pitcher watches.

Spring baseball is gearing up, and like the start of last fall’s football season, fans are eager to see how this year’s Chargers will perform under the guidance of a new head coach.

Justin Flake took over Grenada’s baseball program last summer. He developed a successful strategy at his previous schools, including DeSoto Central and Heritage Academy in Columbus. Flake credits his winning mindset to the power of positive leadership. “The thing I’ve learned everywhere I’ve coached is to make sure the players know that you enjoy what you do,” he said. “If I bring positive energy day in and day out, it filters over to them, and then they start pouring positive energy into the program, which filters over to the stands and school and community.”

Two students pose with a teacher in front of a UFO backdrop.

ELA teachers and specialists at Grenada High School hosted students at the second annual Halloween-themed literacy event, “Terrifying Tales." A block of classrooms at the high school were transformed into immersive environments inspired by the fantastical science-fiction stories of Ray Bradbury. Several of the author's stories were read aloud by community members.

GHS Golf Season Switches to Fall

The Grenada High School Golf team tripled its roster this year and bumped up their competitive season by eight months.

Coach Nathan Newell took over the program last year, when the team met during the spring. He said the new season may account for the boost in membership, though the intense heat of August presented a new challenge to the players. 

Newell holds seasonal practices after school at Dogwoods Golf Course in Grenada Lake’s Hugh White State Park. Since most of the team members are beginners, he spends a lot of time on fundamentals.

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